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Our Technology

The physicians and staff of the Walla Walla Clinic recognize the need for paperless systems to provide the very best service for our patients. We recognize that shared and timely access to health information is key to providing quality medical services and partnering with neighboring health care institutions.

In response to this, an Allscripts Enterprise Electronic Health Record (EHR) has been implemented with all providers across all our specialties. This system is connected to our other clinical systems such as Practice Management, Laboratory, and Radiology and diagnostic equipment. Our Cisco® fiber network provides our systems with ample bandwidth and performance.

Along with the implementation and upgrade of technology, we have also been keen to review our care processes to ensure we are doing the very best job in all areas and to provide our users exceptional support and training.

There are always new projects to improve our delivery of services and the quality of life for our providers— allowing them to care for patients anywhere in the world via computer. Some recent examples are our testing of EHR iPhone applications to provide our physicians the ability to perform EHR functions through the phone; new, web-based ACOG (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) forms for our OB/GYNs; and increased integration with our facilities.

Lastly, the Walla Walla Clinic is in the process of setting up a Patient Portal, which is a secure, encrypted website connection to the clinic. The portal will allow patients to view some of their health care data (medications, allergies, vaccines, lab results), schedule an appointment, view upcoming appointments and request medication refills. Watch the Union-Bulletin for updates.

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