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Integrated Resource and Resilience Planning (IRRP) Road Closures

Monday, April 1, 2019

During Phase I (April - August), there will be road closures at Modoc and Tietan (heading West); Modoc and Winnebago; S 3rd Ave and Yellowstone; Stevens and Tietan (heading East); and S 3rd and Milburn St. (these closures are indicated by the blue rectangles at those intersections). Vehicles heading West on Tietan will still be able to access the main entrance [1] to the Clinic (as well as the exit from the WIC) and also be able to turn onto Modoc from Tietan (and access our West ingress/egress driveway [2]). The RED routes will only be for "local" traffic (homeowners). The GREEN routes are the preferred means of travel to and from the Clinic (but, as you can see, are not inclusive of all possible routes to our campus).

During Phase II (late August-September), accessing Modoc from Tietan (from either direction) will be diverted. Once again, the closed routes are for "local" traffic only and should not be used by regular commuters or employees (please note the blue rectangles where the road closed signs will be posted during Phase II