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Mobile Check-In

As a patient, you want your doctor's appointment to be as quick and comfortable as possible. Phreesia, in partnership with your doctor's office, is excited to offer you the ability to complete your intake process privately and conveniently prior to your appointment.

A pre-visit email will be sent to you, providing you with a private way to give your doctor all the information he or she needs for your upcoming visit, and saving you time in the waiting room.

What should I be looking for in my inbox?

  • An email will come from with the subject: "Check-in online for your upcoming appointment"
  • The first line of the e-mail will show the name and phone number of your doctor's office
  • The e-mail will also show the date, time and location of your appointment
  • Next, you will see a blue box with an orange "Click here to start" button
  • Once you click on the button options to take you to your pre-visit questionnaire, all your responses will be entirely private and secure

What can I expect once I start the pre-visit questionnaire?

  • You will see security questions confirming your date of birth, address and phone number. Once your phone number is confirmed, Phreesia will send you a code via voicemail or text that you must type in before proceeding
  • You will be asked the types of health-related questions you would normally see on a clipboard in a crowded waiting room
  • Consent forms will be provided, which you can sign using your mouse or touch screen
  • If a balance or co-pay is owed for your visit, you can make your payment in the comfort of your own home

For pre-visit frequently asked questions, please download our Pre-Visit FAQs for Patients.