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Patient Portal

Walla Walla Clinic is excited to offer a new online tool that provides anywhere, anytime access to your personal health records! With our new patient portal, you can manage your health, communicate with your providers and make more informed decisions about your care—24/7 from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Just stop by your Physician's Front Desk and we'll get you started.

Access the Patient Portal

Register for a Free Patient Portal Account

View this short video on the benefits of owning a Patient Portal account.

What are the benefits for me?

  • Save time! No more waiting on hold to speak to staff or schedule appointments
  • It's convenient! Anywhere, anytime access lets you communicate on your time
  • It's private: Secure messaging ensures privacy between you and your physician
  • Set and track goals: Use the portal to track your health conditions/wellness goals and chart progress
  • Patient controlled: You own your portal and all of the data within it and control who sees what

What can I do in the Patient Portal?

  • Review your medical records online in a safe, secure environment
  • Communicate privately with physicians via secure messaging
  • Request prescription refills
  • Receive email care reminders
  • Request appointments
  • Create proxy accounts for children or dependent adults
  • View test and lab results
  • Pay bills
  • Fax immunization records

How do I register for the Patient Portal?

Watch a short video that walks through the process of registering for and setting up a new Patient Portal account for yourself:

  • Check your email. You will receive an email from Click the registration link and follow the onscreen prompts.
  • Click Create an Account. If you already have a portal account and want to add an additional provider, click "Add This Connection."
  • Choose a Login Method. You can create a username and password specifically for your portal account by clicking the FMH Secure Login icon, or you can log in by using an existing username and password if you have one of the following accounts: Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live, CernerHealth. Click on the respective icon and enter your username and password for that account.
  • Get Connected. Follow the on-screen prompts on the next four screens to complete your connection. These screens include accepting our Terms of Service, entering your Invite Code (last four digits of your social security number*) and accepting the Release of Information.
  • Registration and Connection is Now Complete. Your health record will now begin to upload. Please note this may take a few minutes.
  • View the First Time Walk-Through Video. Learn about all the tools your portal has to offer by watching the three-minute video that appears when you first log in. If you wish to view this video later, you can always access it by clicking on the My Account dropdown in the right hand corner and selecting "Preferences."
  • Congratulations! You can now access your health information and start managing your care online and pay bills.

How do I set up a proxy account for a loved one?

Below is a short video on setting up a proxy account that will allow you to access health information for your loved ones.

To create a proxy account so you can access your child or dependent adult's portal account, please complete these steps after clicking on the link below.

  • Click "Create an Account." Enter YOUR contact information and click "I Accept." Reminder: Provide your information (name, email, birth date, zip code, etc.) when creating a proxy account—not your loved one's information.
  • Log In to Your Portal Account. If you have an existing portal account: Login using your standard method. If you don't have your own portal account: You must create an account using one of the login options below:
    • Create a username and password for your portal account by clicking on the green FMH Secure Login icon.
    • Log in by using an existing username and password if you have one of the following accounts*: Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live, CernerHealth. Click on the respective icon and enter your username and password for that account.
      *With this option you are simply reusing your existing login credentials for your portal account so you don't have to create a new one. Your medical information is NEVER posted or shared with any of these accounts. Also, please note that if you forget your username or password, you must go through that account's recovery procedure as we do not store or have access to this information.
  • Register as a Proxy: Follow the onscreen prompts. Step two of this process will ask you to enter an Invite Code. This is the number you were provided by our organization. Click "I Accept" on the next screen and you will be taken to YOUR portal account. At the top of the page, you'll see a drop-down arrow next to "Hello, Name," which lists the accounts you have proxy access to. Simply click on the name of the account you wish to access.

How do I create a FollowMyHealth Secure Login Account?

Having trouble creating an FMH Secure Login account with our portal? Please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  • Click the FMH Secure icon
  • Create an account by entering a unique username and password, along with your email address
  • Hit "Continue"
  • Re-enter the username and password you just created
  • You'll now have access to your portal account

Important: You'll also receive an email regarding your FMH Secure Login account. It is imperative that you keep this email, as it contains information on how to retrieve your username if lost.

How do I switch to FMH Secure as my Main Login?

Do you already have a portal login with Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Microsoft Live ID, but would like to use FMH Secure Login instead? Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  • Under "My Account," click "Preferences" and then "Login Preferences"
  • Click the Connect button next to the FMH icon
  • Click the link "Register for a FMH Secure Login if you don't have an account"
  • Create an account by entering a unique username and password, along with your email address
  • Hit "Continue"
  • Re-enter the username and password you just created

How can I schedule a Mammogram appointment on the Patient Portal?

  • Login to your FollowMyHealth account.
  • Click on Schedule an Appointment.
    • On the web page this is located at the top center of the webpage just to the left of your name. You can also click the Schedule icon located under Appointments section.
    • For Android and IOS users, this is found under Appointments section.
  • Click appointment type Direct Mammogram Appointment. Click on Continue.
  • Choose a provider. If this is your first time scheduling with a provider you will need to click Find a Provider.
    • Available providers will display on next screen.
    • Click Screening Mammogram.
  • Choose when and where. Next Available is a clickable option that will find the next available appointment. View Calendar displays a calendar showing available dates.
  • Appointment Summary. This is the last step in scheduling your appointment. It will display the date and time of upcoming appointment.
    • Why are you scheduling this appointment? Enter the reason for needing an appointment.
    • Click Schedule Your Appointment to confirm your choices. Use the Back option to make changes.
  • Congratulations! You have scheduled your appointment. Option to Add to your personal calendar, Print appointment details, and Get Directions are available. Click Close to exit.

If you need assistance in setting up an account or accessing your account, Walla Walla Clinic has established a Patient Portal Support line, which is staffed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please call us at 509.524.1612.