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Walla Walla Clinic orthopedic services include evaluation and treatment of:

  • Fracture care, operative and non-operative
  • Sports related injuries
  • Treatment of degenerative conditions of joints
  • Hand disorders
  • Shoulder related disorders, including rotator cuff tear, labral tears, instability related disorders

Other orthopedic services and evaluations include:

  • Arthroscopy of the knee and shoulder
  • Knee ligament reconstruction, including ACL, PCL, and MCL
  • Joint replacement of the hip, knee, and shoulder
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment, operative and non-operative
  • Elbow related disorders including bicep ruptures, tendonitis, ligament injuries
  • Sports medicine coverage for school athletic programs:
    • Walla Walla Community College
    • Walla Walla University
    • Whitman College
    • Walla Walla High School
    • College Place High School